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MARCH 9 Smooth sailing is forecasted for the 2015 NCAVA Conference Rollin’ on a River! The Conference Committee has released the conference schedule and speakers, including an updated rate for students to attend the Thursday Day Session! Look for more information every week on this year’s esteemed speakers, making those decisions on which session to attend much easier. 

MARCH 16 :Please join us in welcoming Tom Morris as the keynote to the NCAVA conference this May! With energy, humor, and deep insight presents The Art of Achievement in Times of Change. Register for the conference below! http://www.ncava.net/conference/2015-north-carolina-conference-on-volunteerism?timestamp=1425434891250


MARCH 23: At the 2015 NCAVA Conference in Wilmington, Eileen McConville welcomes new volunteer administrators in an open discussion – bring your questions! Learn about engaging both staff and volunteers as the room brainstorms effective strategies for managing challenging situations. 


MARCH 30: NCAVA welcomes seasoned speaker Manny Lloyd to the 2015 conference in Wilmington. Lloyd grew up mostly homeless, served in the US Marine Corps, and has a ton of useful information pertaining to fighting cybercrime on a non-profit budget. Visit http://mwlconsulting.com/

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