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Regional Workshops 

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Online Basics In Volunteer Management Course

NCAVA is pleased to partner with Southeastern Community College (Whiteville, NC) and offer the Basics in Volunteer Management course online. The 10-week course will cover volunteer recruitment, retention, risk management, recognition, etc. After enrollment, there is no set time to "log on" each day and you can enter the course from any computer with Internet access.

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NCAVA Certification in Volunteer Administration

Administered by the NCAVA Certification Committee, the certification program is part of NCAVA's strategy to enhance the professional identity of volunteer administrators. The goals of the program are to raise standards, increase knowledge, and improve performance of volunteer administrators in North Carolina. The program provides a means to document competency and signify excellence in the practice of managing volunteer programs. The designation CAVNC, indicating a Certified Administrator of Volunteers in North Carolina, helps employers identify  the most qualified and committed professionals.


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Got Endorsement?

As a benefit to NCAVA affiliate members, NCAVA endorses qualified workshops so that attendees can earn contact hours toward the Certified Administrator of Volunteers in North Carolina (CAVNC) credential. NCAVA also endorses qualified workshops for non-member affiliates, organizations and presenting individuals.  All endorsement contact hours will be provided for a nominal fee to the non-member organization or individual. Applicants must be willing to have endorsed training events publicized by NCAVA.

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Volunteer Management Training Series


Volunteer Management Training Series (VMTS), consisting of 6, ½ day modules sponsored by HandsOn NWNC

The Volunteer Management Training Series is an exclusive curriculum developed by HandsOn Network affiliates and has been delivered by affiliates all over the country. HandsOn NWNC is excited to bring this excellent learning opportunity to our portion of NC for the first time. The VMTS covers all of the basic topics needed to implement strong and effective volunteer management practices within an organization. The series can be taken as a whole, or individuals can sign up for just the modules in which they are interested. Those that complete the entire series will get a certificate and a full 18 hours of NCAVA credit. Each module is highly interactive, takes advantage of peer knowledge from other participants, allows participants to immediately apply and practice new knowledge, and provides numerous resources for use after the class.  The modules are:

Module 1: Understanding Volunteering: Understand the current trends in volunteerism; understand the local volunteering landscape; identify the elements of volunteer management; and identify social motivators and their application.
Module 2: Planning: Building a Solid Foundation: Understand the importance of planning in a volunteer program; write a purpose statement for their volunteer program; determine criteria for appropriate roles for volunteers; write a volunteer position description; identify the basic tenants of risk management; and identify resources needed to manage an effective volunteer program.
Module 3: Recruitment & Placement: Matching Volunteers Skills with Service Needs: Describe the importance of a position description for purposes of volunteer recruitment and placement; list the steps for developing and implementing a targeted recruitment strategy; craft a volunteer recruitment message that sells the benefits and shares the features; and define techniques used for screening, interviewing and matching volunteers with positions.
Module 4: Training & Orientation: Achieving Service Excellence: Articulate the importance of orienting and training volunteers to perform service effectively and enjoyably; describe the steps in planning volunteer orientation and training; assess volunteer training needs; and develop effective volunteer training strategies.
Module 5: Supervision: Maximizing the Volunteer Experience: Articulate the benefits of volunteer supervision; describe the steps of volunteer supervision; list effective ways to reward and recognize volunteers; and apply learning using case studies and scenarios.   
Module 6: Evaluation: Improving Results Using Data and Feedback:  List the basic steps to conduct an evaluation; describe the three levels of evaluation; identify different evaluation methods; and describe important factors to consider when reporting evaluation results.


The NCAVA Training Category this workshop topic best falls under:
Planning and Conceptual Design: Modules 1 & 2
Resource Development and Management: Modules 3, 4, & 5
Accountability: Module 6
Perspective and Responsiveness: Module 1 (trends)


Number of hours of actual education/instructional activity: 18 hours for total series; participants will have the option of taking the entire VMTS, or any of the 6, half-day modules (each module is 3 hours of instructional time)

Location: Burress Family Center for Philanthropy, 751 W. Fourth St., Third Floor, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Date(s) of Workshop: June 24-26, 2015

Time of Workshop: Begins:     9:00 am                           Ends:  4:00 pm (each day)

Cost:  $275/series (all 6 modules); $225 for PRAVA members and HandsOn NWNC Supporting Partners.  The series price includes one free module and lunch for three days. Individual models are $55/module; $45/module for PRAVA members and HandsOn NWNC Supporting Partners

For more information contact Amy Lytle @ 336-724-2866 or Email:

Demystifying the Cloud – in Layman’s Terms


Volunteer management software has taking on a new dimension over the past few years.  Everything we do now is stored “on the cloud”.  Whose cloud is it and what happens if that cloud dissipates?  Manuel Lloyd is one of this year’s NCAVA conference presenters where he will share on Fighting Cyber Crime on a Nonprofit Budget

  • Where? Online
  • When? April 23 at 2:00 pm
  • Cost? FREE 
  • How to join?  Send an email to by April 17th.

Get to know more about the cloud everyone is talking about as Lloyd presents a free webinar on Demystifying the Cloud – in Layman’s Terms.  Learn about the “Stranger Danger” in cloud technologies, as well as understand the cloud – what it is, its benefits, its risks, and how to manage those risks.  This is crucial to your organization and to your volunteers. 

In addition to gaining this important knowledge, you will receive:

  • one hour of endorsement credit towards your NCAVA certification by participating in this webinar, AND
  • a copy of Manuel Lloyd’s White Paper on understanding the cloud.

This is just a sampling of Lloyd's expertise. Join us at the 2015 NCAVA conference for more training from Lloyd and other outstanding presenters!

All Aboard – Onboarding your Volunteers


DAVA is pleased to present, All Aboard – Onboarding your Volunteers (interviewing, placing and training). The workshop will provide members with a variety of interview techniques, determining how to place volunteers and adequately training volunteers for their organization.

The primary learning objectives for this workshop is to share techniques and tactics to ensure volunteers are in the proper volunteer role for the organization. The NCAVA Training Category this workshop topic best falls under is Resource Development and Management.

Cost: None

Location:  Duke Gardens, Durham, NC

Date/Time: April 9, 2015 from 9 a.m. until 10 a.m.

For more information, contact Jamie Tindal, 919-764-7525 or email: 

Online Basics In Volunteer Management Course


NCAVA is pleased to partner with Southeastern Community College (Whiteville, NC) and offer the Basics in Volunteer Management course online. The 10-week course will cover volunteer recruitment, retention, risk management, recognition, etc. After enrollment, there is no set time to "log on" each day and you can enter the course from any computer with Internet access.

2015 date:

  • Sept. 9 - Nov. 10 ~ Registration form MUST BE COMPLETED and RECEIVED by August 31, 2015

Graduates of the class will receive 12 hours toward NCAVA certification as a Certified Administrator of Volunteers in North Carolina and one Continuing Education credit from Southeastern Community College (Whiteville, NC).

The tuition cost of the course is $70, made payable to Southeastern Community College. (NOTE: College tuition rates are set by the NC Legislation. Rates are subject to change in July of each year.) Credit cards are not accepted, however, we will be glad to invoice your agency. A handbook is required and will be made available the first day of class at no additional cost.

Anyone, anywhere can take this course. Out-of-state tuition DOES NOT apply.

Click on the links to download registration form and agency invoiceDue to state auditing standards, please mail a registration form with your original signature, NOT a copy, of your completed form. Tuition payment must accompany class registration form.

For more information, contact Dr. Melody Prevatte @