2018 - 2019 Board Members

Erin Pavelchak, President
Misty Santiago, President Elect
Mandy Valiquette, Past President
Ashley Deans, VP of Communications
Paige Pitts, VP of Professional Development
Gloria Haney, VP of Membership
Wiley Leonard, Treasurer
Erin Kennedy, Secretary
Summer Nixon-Snell, Education Chair
Susan Neal, Certification Chair
Crystal Pearce, Conference Chair
Carlton Koonce, Publications
Mary Owens, Social Media Coordinator
Christine DeLia, Webmaster
Barbara Mullins, Regional Director - Eastern Region
Beverly Hinson, Regional Director - Piedmont Region
Ebony Pratt, Regional Director - Piedmont Region
Tullie Johnson, Regional Director - Piedmont Region
Jack Henry, Regional Director - Western
Brownie Rochefort, Regional Director – Western

NCAVAboard 2018 (1).png