Keynote: Barry Altland - Head, heart and hands engagement collective

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Barry Altland is a writer, speaker, thought leader, non-profit executive and published author of the book, “Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of a Volunteer,” a simple guide for feeding the passion for those who serve.

crystallizing Your Conference Experience

A new era has arrived for Leaders of Volunteer Engagement. Gone is (or should be) the traditional views on volunteerism, community engagement and leadership. Replaced with new and exciting ways for caring, compassionate community members to make a difference.

What must you as a Leader of Volunteer Engagement know and do to play your role?


creating a culturally diverse volunteer program: recruiting strategies for hispanic volunteers - Eniris Riddick

Our diverse population is increasing rapidly and as organizations we have to adapt and find ways to serve our community. Diversity could be a challenge sometimes when understanding other cultures and how to reach out to them. This workshop is intended to give you an introduction to Hispanic/Latin culture and how to be culturally sensitive when interacting with other cultures.

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Engaging Remote volunteers in a changing world- erin pavelchak

Technology allows us to work from a wide variety of locations. It is imperative we have the tools, systems and best practices to engage or create an environment conducive to volunteering from anywhere. This session will use interactive activities, small group discussion and lecture to equip attendees with best practices and an action plan for creating or improving remote volunteer programs.

community driven volunteer programs - jack henry

This workshop will introduce the participant to practical tools to develop culturally and socioeconomically sustainable volunteer programs that achieve community-defined well-being. Non-profits have been operating using much of the same strategy and model for over 100 years, and they have not generally brought historically oppressed communities any closer to social equity and justice. Volunteer programs are the ideal space to show our non-profit leadership the impact that community empowerment will have on their mission and resources.

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